Hi. We are Tristar Friends. And our company name is TRISTAR FRIENDS GROUP BIZ. We are three friends own this company thats why our company name is Tristar Friends Group Biz. Now am going to introduce me and my friends.I am Haider and my 2 other partners are Raheel and Salman.we started our business almost  8 years ago.we are the manufacturers of salt made items, like salt lamps, salt soaps,salt bricks and tiles,bath salt,animal licking salt and etc. Here you are seeing Tristar Friends products. Our all products are  made up of rock salt. we hope you will like our products.we have alot of product desings like we  have various  animal shaped lamps and other machine grafted lamps. we have  many kinds of massage soaps , massage stones, bath salt 2 to 5 mm granules. and many more.

We deal in all kind of salt products like salt lamps,salt chunk,salt soaps,bath salt products,animal licking salt,natural lamps and machine grafted lamps.Natural Candle holder and all fancy candle holders.We are offering you the best quality in low rates than others,
Here is our a beautiful Lotus Flower shaped salt lamp. Its is so beautiful.
Here are some uses of salt lamp products.
       ***ROCK SALT LAMPS***
Although Salt Lamp are not medical devices,they are
often used in the treatment of many ailments due to
the negative ion they release.
Many European and North American bioenergotherapists
and homoeopathists recommend Salt Crystal Lamps to aid
in the treatment of several health conditions, such as the following:
* Headaches
*Sinus problems
*Allergirs and fever
*Aiding in the reduction of asthma attacks
*Supporting the immune system
It is our an other product.. The name of the product is Tristar Friends Wall shaped lamp

It has been shown that negative ions in the air bind with airborne pollutants, making them heavier so that they fall to the ground, and therefore are unavailable to be inhaled. Many modern air purifiers - the so-called 'ionic **Air cleaners** - use this technique to provide cleaner indoor air for Allergy sufferers. Some studies seem to indicate that an increase in negative ions in the air increases bloodflow to the brain, which would have the effect of improved concentration. The salt lamp is an attractive alternative to the utilitarian look of an Air purifier...

The amount of negative ions a salt lamp can release depends on its size and how warm the candle or lightbulb can make it. The larger the crystal, obviously, the more expensive the lamp, but the larger area it can provide with negative ions. Salt lamps that produce 'night-light' amounts of light can provide ions to an area equal to the average office cubicle.
It is our an other product.. The name of the product is Tristar Friends Metal basket with Rock Salt Chunks. It has a very beautiful looks  and every one will like it..